How to prevent email tracking

How to prevent email tracking
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Published in : 13 Jun 2022

How to prevent email tracking

There is completely no way your email service provider isn't keeping track of your mail records, even if they tell you it is end-to-end encryption that's for the conversation and message you send through the service and that does not concern the Geographical report of your IP pings.

Oops!! even when you try to game the whole process using a VPN it just makes the whole process worst, Sometimes using VPN makes your message delivered directly to a spam box because email companies don't only rely on IP location to gather reports, IP is just for the masking country and interfering server-side request.

Browser cookies can be used to trace your Geo report from another site you have visited, both your past mail history and present history can be tracked through HTTP cookies, web cookies, or browser cookies, these cookies. Others include but are not limited to web activities are:

1. Where you have Signed up with your email 

The website you have used that email on is visible on the database of your service provider even if you trash them that's your own business they still have the cache for up to 90days to 190days depending on the mail provider.

2. IP address of your ISP

Is either you are using a shared IP or a dedicated IP address, shared IP is sometimes helpful because it is a shared IP, and countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra leone use Shared IP this type of IP cannot be tracked easily the Organization in charge of tracking you must need to meet your ISP for in-depth analysis.

3. Email metadata

Every email you send is delivered with metadata if not the recipient browser/mail provider will not be able to interpret the mail, so this header comes with a wide variety of mail functions.

Your recipient can analyze this data to track you not get hold of you but they can know your country as of the time you send that email, they can also know little or more information about the IP address

4. HTTP Header

HTTP header is a common name popular recognized by just hearing it, this header keeps a record of web transferring information conducted on a browser, if a user sending you an email using external tracking software like Mailtrack, then the user can get further information like | When you open the email, the time you open it, the country you open it from, and what device you open it on, also know that whatsoever information that reports a country location also report the city and zip code for that country.

5. Payment history.

If you have previously or subsequently used your email address for payments online then through those payment company by law the organization or law enforcement in charge of tracking you down can demand a streamline of your payment or credit report which include your billing information this can be used to get hold of you.


1. Use Vpn.

It is good to use VPN when trying to send a message to an anonymous person, a person you don't know before who reached you, or possibly maybe you are trying to pose a message to a  person you don't want to know it you, Vpn is good at this point to send that mail.

2. Don't click links from emails you don't understand the content.

Sometimes hackers or spammers just need you to click a link from the email they have sent you to enable them to get hold of your information or IP information, they can use your browser information provided through HTTP header to personalize ads to you that will be based on your web experience, this type of ads will get your attention because it is pointed at you for what you like, through this way the hackers can manipulate you till they enter your PC. 

Sometimes you may see advertisements telling you about your PC information and ordering you to download the Anti Virus to clean your PC, just because they mention the name of your device and information doesn't mean they are real. These hackers are so smart that sometimes they present themselves as a real entity using the legitimate source Logo.

3. Don't use your personal email on-site you have zero trust for.

Just like if it is too good to be through then it is definitely not through, some cheap lottery website or spam website will tell you to complete a survey to win an iPhone 13 pro max, for christ sake that is not legit they just need your email for marketing purposes, always make sure that you use temporal disposable emails like Email Extra Ninja to sign up, whenever you find yourself in a situation like that.

4. Clear browser history if you suspect anything unusual

The first thing you should do if you experience some kinda funny behavior from your browser or you begin to notice that your ads preference is changed, you are now seeing some kind of unusual ads on every website you go clear browser history to refresh your system or if you have anti-virus just conduct a full scanning and clean your browser.

5. Stay safe and protected always.

If you use Gmail or any email service provider click this link to enable you to learn how to disable email tracking from your emails, by doing this, some mail services will make your mails sent through a private connection and limited information will be visible to the receiver.

Spammers and hackers are sending emails every day and mainly this act of service is already programmed on auto pilot, so if they send emails you are more likely to receive one,

But be cautious on what you perform with those mail, some are for a trusted reason, maybe from your newsletter company. Don't click on what you don't know. always use a temporal disposal email whenever you need to try out something from an untrusted source.

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