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Receive a $100 stipend by participating in the chromnius Project testing initiative. Not powered by Google Refer to Google to learn more about chromnius. chromnius has recently granted our committee the opportunity to invite users from specific countries to join as product testers. Participants can now earn between $100 and $500 after actively utilizing the browser for 30 days.
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Dear Email Extra Ninjas,

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive opportunity to participate in the chromnius Project testing initiative and earn rewards. chromnius has recently granted our committee the privilege to invite users from specific countries to join as product testers. By actively utilizing the chromnius browser for 30 days, participants can earn between $100 and $500.

The chromnius project, owned by chromnius is used in enhancing the chromnius browser. Before launching updates to chromnius, we have joined the chromnius community for testers, and our goal is to bring in 500 users from our network—Email Extra Ninja. If you are reading this, you are one step closer to earning between $100 and $300 for testing Google's project.

Here's how to get started:

[ Click on the download button to download the chromnius browser.
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[ After 30 days, chromnius will send an in-app browser notice for your reward.
[ Daily usage earns you 150 points, with an additional 50 points for extra activities.
[ Google pays through the USDT wallet, Bitcoin or Paypal

Please note that using the download button below to participate makes you part of our exclusive group of testers. Once we reach 500 downloads from our network, this offer will no longer be available.

Very important notice If, unfortunately, you encounter a white screen after clicking the download button, it means your country is not eligible for this offer. Please be aware that we will inform you of any generic offers available for all countries in the future.

Thank you for your participation in this exclusive opportunity.

How to prevent email tracking

How to prevent email tracking
Published in : 13 Jun 2022

How to prevent email tracking

While it is important to be cautious about your email service provider's data practices, it's not accurate to say that there is no way they are not keeping track of your email records. End-to-end encryption typically covers the content of your messages, but it doesn't extend to tracking the geographical data associated with your IP pings.

Indeed, using a VPN can sometimes lead to unintended consequences, such as your messages being flagged as spam. However, this isn't solely because email companies rely on IP location for reports. IP addresses are primarily used to hide your country of origin and manage server-side requests, but other factors can also influence email delivery and spam filtering.

Browser cookies can indeed track your online activity, but they cannot directly access or reveal your past mail history. Cookies primarily collect data related to your web browsing behaviour, and they do not have access to your email history.

1. Where you have Signed up with your email 

Your email service provider may retain some data about your activities, but it is not accurate to claim that they keep records of the websites you have visited using your email address. Their data retention policies vary, typically focusing on email-related information rather than tracking your website visits.

2. IP address of your ISP

Is either you are using a shared IP or a dedicated IP address, shared IP is sometimes helpful because it is a shared IP, and countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone use Shared IP this type of IP cannot be tracked easily by the Organization in charge of tracking you must need to meet your ISP for in-depth analysis.

3. Email metadata

Email metadata can provide certain details, but it doesn't allow recipients to track your physical location in real time. Metadata can offer information such as the sender's IP address and the time an email was sent, but it doesn't reveal the recipient's country at the time of sending.

4. HTTP Header

HTTP headers are an integral part of web communication, but they do not inherently provide detailed information about when and how an email is opened. The level of information mentioned, such as country, city, zip code, and device, would not be available through standard email tracking methods based solely on HTTP headers..

5. Payment history.

While payment companies may retain billing information for legitimate purposes, it's not accurate to suggest that organizations or law enforcement can easily access this information without proper legal authorization. Access to such sensitive financial data typically requires legal processes and adherence to privacy regulations


1. Use Vpn.

It is good to use a VPN when trying to send a message to an anonymous person, a person you don't know before who reached you, or possibly maybe you are trying to pose a message to a  person you don't want to know it you, Vpn is good at this point to send that mail.

2. Don't click links from emails you don't understand the content.

Sometimes perpetrators or spammers just need you to click a link from the email they have sent you to enable them to get hold of your information or IP information, they can use your browser information provided through the HTTP header to personalize ads to you that will be based on your web experience, this type of ads will get your attention because it is pointed at you for what you like, through this way, the cyberpunks can manipulate you till they enter your PC. 

Sometimes you may see advertisements telling you about your PC information and ordering you to download the Anti Virus to clean your PC, just because they mention the name of your device and information doesn't mean they are real. These cyberpunks are so smart that sometimes they present themselves as a real entity using a legitimate source Logo.

3. Don't use your personal email on-site you have zero trust.

Just like if it is too good to be through then it is not through, some cheap lottery website or spam website will tell you to complete a survey to win an iPhone 13 pro max,. that is not legit they just need your email for marketing purposes, always make sure that you use temporal disposable emails like Email Extra Ninja to sign up, whenever you find yourself in a situation like that.

4. Clear browser history if you suspect anything unusual

The first thing you should do if you experience some kind of funny behaviour from your browser or you begin to notice that your ad preference is changed, you are now seeing some kind of unusual ads on every website you go clear your browser history to refresh your system or if you have anti-virus just conduct a full scanning and clean your browser.

5. Stay safe and protected always.

If you use Gmail or any email service provider click this link to enable you to learn how to disable email tracking from your emails, by doing this, some mail services will make your emails sent through a private connection and limited information will be visible to the receiver.

Spammers and cyberpunks are sending emails every day and mainly this act of service is already programmed on autopilot, so if they send emails you are more likely to receive one,

But be cautious about what you perform with those mail, some are for a trusted reason, maybe from your newsletter company. Don't click on what you don't know. always use a temporal disposal email whenever you need to try out something from an untrusted source.

Thanks for reading

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