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How to create tempmail for newsletter signups

How to create tempmail for newsletter signups
Published in : 12 Jun 2022

How to create tempmail for newsletter signups

Have you ever been bombarded with unsolicited emails before? Like when you are trying to read important emails you will have to scroll down and search for your important emails because unsolicited spam mail has taken over the first three - to 7 lines of your mailbox and you think immediately how can I create temp emails for newsletters signups.

Well, that's the web for you, the world wide web is not as safe as you might think that is why you must take note of what kind of information you share on the internet even your favourite newsletter service might not be trusted, because most newsletter today generate emails for reselling purposes, and you wonder after subscribing for a newsletter. 1 month after you start receiving mail offers from other services you have never used before or subscribed for, that look fishy your news source may have sold your email to marketers.

If you are a case-sensitive individual that uses email for business or professional services, then you need to be self-cautioned on the type of site you input your email to, not just for spamming purposes but there are over 20 reasons to keep a clean internet experience and stay safe browsing the web anonymously.

Over 3 million emails are been captured online every day and a newsletter is just the foremost way to use in collecting user data but sometimes signing up for a newsletter can be just for a temporal reason and not long time stuff, yet even after unsubscribing your newsletter company gather a list of unsubscribers from there mailing list and peddle to another marketer for either pixel marketing or email campaign but all remains marketing the wrong service to you.

If you don't like your information to be sold online mainly to false pretence entities that may later send you phishing links with the motive of hijacking your mailbox or trying to get your attention with scam options examples (Lotteries, Building backlinks for a cheaper rate, You won iPhone 13pro max come and claim it, you have been credited with 20,000 dollars, you have been selected for loans ) and many more then Email Extra is for you this guide will teach you how to create temp emails for newsletter signups using email extra, making available this kind of service has never been easy we make this toolset available for individuals that want to take full control of their email privacy online and want to know how to take their online presence into the shadows, not darkness... when they think they got you, they don't know that they've got nulled.

On Email Extra the first thing you need to look out for is the toolset homepage basically that is where everything is been visible for you to explore, Email Extra is just like your regular mailbox, but with just a slight difference, On Email Extra Ninja, you can create and use as many emails as you want on any website of your choice and when they send an email just below the box you will find an incoming message that is been printed with the message received.

Now, this is how to create temp emails for newsletter signups using Email Extra.


On the homepage choose or customize your email with any "prefix" of your choice. this is not mandatory as by default our generated email is also valid, but in some cases or places, some websites take email moderation manually and may reject your application or submission due to our default prefix so that is when you can use the "change" button to change the prefix and customize it to fit in your propose achievement eg ( ) over-time we still look forward to adding more domain.


Emails are auto-generated by default for temporal use only, this means that after 24-48 hours of inactivity (incoming email) is not sent to the email by default the email is reset to another prefix mailer. Only use email extra for non-important web affairs, if you are signing up for business-related issues kindly use your regular email service.


Messages on Email Extra Ninja are end-to-end encrypted, this means that if an important message was sent to your disposable generated email before it reset, unfortunately, there is no way for us to gain access to that email, the moment your email prefix reset from the frontend all messages associated with that email is deleted as well from our backend.


We are unique and very mobile-friendly with less intrusive ads, which means that at any time anywhere you need a disposable email we got you covered, we are creating a spam-free mailbox for you, say no to unsolicited and time-wasting emails, any time you find yourself on email extra it is because you want to stay anonymous to those mail mongers BOT or resellers.


In the future, we look forward to adding, more domain names such as enterprise. ng,, and many undisclosed domains, we are making our service more accessible, and personalized so it can be embraced from any space you find yourself.

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Now that you have gained insight on how to create temp emails for newsletter signups using email extra then what are you waiting for, enjoy the Neo Life of a spam-free environment.

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