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How to avoid disturbing news-letter emails

How to avoid disturbing news-letter emails
Published in : 22 Jan 2023

How to avoid disturbing news-letter emails

You are tired of seeing your inbox clustered by disturbing newsletter emails and you are looking for a way to avoid it. Congratulations. You just visited the correct page. 

Arguably, receiving junk newsletter emails from an unknown sender on a subject you know nothing about could be annoying. Sometimes you wonder whether the newsletter email comes from a website you visited, a store you shopped at and many many others. 

Truth be told, getting newsletter emails are good but when they don't profit you in any it becomes unwanted. If you would like to know how to avoid disturbing newsletter emails, we are here to help you. After this article, you will be exposed to different guidelines on ways you can avoid disturbing newsletter emails from filling your inbox. 

Going directly to the main topic is good, but to make it understandable, let's talk about Newsletter Emails. 

What is a Newsletter Email? 

A newsletter email is an email that is sent to your subscribers to inform them about the latest news and updates about your product or brand regularly. The kind of newsletter they (subscribers) receive depends on the kind of content they share and the frequency within which subscribers expect your newsletters. A newsletter email is personal, targeted, and consistent. 

Hence, good marketing newsletters can guarantee steady website traffic, signups to webinars, other important event registrations, and product sales. But newsletters are only useful if they are well-designed and perfectly executed. Once these newsletter emails are not wanted, you should try to avoid them

How do I Catch Attention in a Newsletter Email?

Sincerely, to catch the attention of your audience, you need to write one or two captivating opening sentences that demonstrate your passion for a particular subject.  Use a funny story or a heart-touching anecdote in the first paragraph of every email newsletter to grab the attention of your intended audience.

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Can I avoid disturbing newsletter emails?

yes, you can stop the disturbing newsletter Email. All you are expected to do to avoid those emails is to unsubscribe from the sender, report the newsletter to Gmail or block the emails from coming. Receiving a newsletter email is good but when those emails are not important, it becomes a disturbing email. 

Why is Email Newsletter Important? 

Recently, there are an estimated 4.3 billion people who will use emails. I.e half the population of the world. Newsletter emails offer a variety of benefits to small businesses and content marketers. By interacting with the audience consistently, brands can secure trust, sales, and recognition. There is much importance of newsletter emails, but let's discuss the four reasons newsletter emails are important: 

Generates leads. 
Educate about your brand. 
Retains relationship. 

Generate Leads

Newsletter emails are beneficial because it generate leads for your business (es). Through the newsletter, your audience proclaims their interest in what you have to offer. Nothing is a transparent indicator of a warm lead. Using a quality CRM tool can assist you in managing your audience better and also aid you in generating more sales. 

Meanwhile, before a customer purchases your product or service, he typically needs several exposures to what you offer. So having a newsletter email allows your potential customers to always patronize you. 

Educate about your Brand

One of the importance of newsletter emails is that they educate people about your brand. Without newsletter emails, no one knows what you offer. That is why you need to provide the most useful content that communicates to your audience with a side of advertising that promotes your products and services. 

Keep in mind, that when your customers are receiving value from your newsletter, they'll share your brand offerings, values, and vision. It will only create more tracks, assisting you to discover your true supporters.

Retains Customers

Newsletter emails build a long-term relationship. The more customers patronize you, the more the relationship is retained. Also, those who are actively engaging have gotten to know and love your brand. This is the audience part that you are most likely to retain as customers. Therefore, it's crucial to review your data and discover what keeps them around. Targeting them with special offers shows appreciation and boosts your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)  like a win-win for you and your customers.


One of the simplest reasons newsletter emails are so important is because it is pocket-friendly. Suppose you compare other marketing efforts, you will discover that newsletter email is one of the most affordable avenues. The affordability of your emails depends on your audience size and the email platform you use. 

From the above illustrations, newsletter emails are very important. Now, let us discuss how to avoid them when they become disturbing newsletter emails. 

How to Avoid Disturbing Newsletter Emails

According to experts, the perfect way to avoid disturbing newsletter emails is to unsubscribe from them or block them. To ease the process, we have listed four methods to stop receiving those emails. 

The simple way 
Find an unsubscribe link within the email
Contact the sender
Block the sender

1. The simple way 

This is the simplest method to use if you want to avoid receiving unwanted newsletter emails. Although, it depends on the sender of the email. If he makes it easy for people to unsubscribe, it's a very simple task. Below are the simple ways to practice: 

Launch your favourite browser. 
Navigate to the Gmail website (
Sign in to your email account by inserting your email address and password. 
Click on the log-in. 
Go to your inbox and open the newsletter email you want to unsubscribe from. 
Scroll down the email, and beside the email, click "Unsubscribe".
Once you have unsubscribed, check to confirm. 

2. Find an Unsubscribe link within the Newsletter Email

If after going through the first method you couldn't see an unsubscribe button beside the email address you receiving a newsletter, then the next thing is to find the unsubscribe link in the body of the email. These types of links are usually located at the top or bottom of the emails. 

Once you see it, click on the link. you may be taken to a URL where you can insert your email address to remove yourself from the mailing list. Or you give a reason why you don't want to receive the emails again. 

3. Contact the sender

In this method, you don't need to click on any unsubscribe icon or link. What you should do is contact the company or website that is sending the newsletter email to you. To get in touch with them, send a reply mail to him saying something like Please unsubscribe me from this newsletter.

Suppose you received the email from a no-reply address, you can search online for information on how to contact the sender. Just open in your Internet browser and Google search for the contact information of whose mailing list you subscribed to.

Try to open their site when you find the company website in the Google search results, and look for a link to a contact page. You may see the Contact Us link on a website. Click on it to find the company's contact information. Send them an email. You can even call their phone number to speak with one of their representatives about being removed from their mailing list. 

4. Block the sender

If all other methods seem to no avail, the final way to avoid disturbing newsletter emails is to block the sender (the email address they are being sent from).

To effectively accomplish this, do the following :
Sign in to your Gmail account 
Open an email from the sender you would like to block. 
Click on the downward arrow button you see in the email window. 
Then, click Block [name of the sender].


Receiving unwanted newsletter emails could be frustrating. Although, most of the newsletter emails are informative. 

Generally, the main reason for creating newsletter emails is for the subscriber. You should make sure your audiences get what your newsletter is about as soon as they read the subject line.  
Make it simple and concise so that when they open it, they will understand quickly what they should focus on and which call to action to take. But, once they are no longer needed, follow those listed methods and avoid them. 

Try to make sure you no longer need those newsletter emails before you follow those methods.

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