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Receive a $100 stipend by participating in the chromnius Project testing initiative. Not powered by Google Refer to Google to learn more about chromnius. chromnius has recently granted our committee the opportunity to invite users from specific countries to join as product testers. Participants can now earn between $100 and $500 after actively utilizing the browser for 30 days.
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Dear Email Extra Ninjas,

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive opportunity to participate in the chromnius Project testing initiative and earn rewards. chromnius has recently granted our committee the privilege to invite users from specific countries to join as product testers. By actively utilizing the chromnius browser for 30 days, participants can earn between $100 and $500.

The chromnius project, owned by chromnius is used in enhancing the chromnius browser. Before launching updates to chromnius, we have joined the chromnius community for testers, and our goal is to bring in 500 users from our network—Email Extra Ninja. If you are reading this, you are one step closer to earning between $100 and $300 for testing Google's project.

Here's how to get started:

[ Click on the download button to download the chromnius browser.
[ Start using it right away; the features are similar to the Chrome browser.
[ After 30 days, chromnius will send an in-app browser notice for your reward.
[ Daily usage earns you 150 points, with an additional 50 points for extra activities.
[ Google pays through the USDT wallet, Bitcoin or Paypal

Please note that using the download button below to participate makes you part of our exclusive group of testers. Once we reach 500 downloads from our network, this offer will no longer be available.

Very important notice If, unfortunately, you encounter a white screen after clicking the download button, it means your country is not eligible for this offer. Please be aware that we will inform you of any generic offers available for all countries in the future.

Thank you for your participation in this exclusive opportunity.

Alternative disposable email generator to

Alternative disposable email generator to
Published in : 12 Jun 2022

Alternative disposable email generator to is considered one of the biggest temporary email generators on the World Wide Web, they seem to have been in existence for a long time with over 10 years of existence and over 10 Million monthly visits, which is quite a stats, But sometimes the option of maximizing web opportunities are not bound to one circle that is why it is called a World wide web.

According to over 306.4 Billion emails are sent in a day as of 2020 and these numbers are expected to rise to over 376.4 Billion in the coming years, this shows that emailing remains the professional way of keeping a branded conversation online. But how valuable is your email? When the attackers come for you will they hit you hard because you always make use of your email for almost every signup on the internet?

Temporal disposable emails also known as temp mail for short are mailbox that helps you keep a spam-free experience, across all channels, and also help push wasted advertising mailings away from your sight, and against attacking robots that sometimes send multiple pings to try and access your mail-break.

Keep your real mailbox clean and secure with only important messages. Email Extra Disposal Mail provides a temporary, very secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address for your use.

If you like to see the alternative to, then below we want to list the top powerful disposable emails for you to use and keep your mailing experience clean, the foremost reason why you need to try out other mail disposables is listed as follows.

1. Domain Issue

When you use temporal mail disposal that is tied to just one domain, this can make your authentication on many websites fail if they already have that domain blacklisted on their site, which will lead to authentication or registration failure, and also, some websites don't allow emails with some kind of domain names such as Xyz. that is why you need to use email services that as multiple domains extensions.

2. End-2-End Encryption

Some temporal disposal email services retain a copy of all incoming messages to your generated email, so if you are using the email for something sensitive then you should know that depending on the email provider, they might decide to do something with your email beyond the normal, so trying out other services that do not have any copy of your email would do better just like email extra we don't have any copy of message all our incoming message is automatically deleted immediately the prefix change from the front end Read more here

3. User Experience

Your experience on a website matters, it will be so annoying that you always have to close ads, skip ads, and close so many pop-ups because you want to achieve what you came for, that's so bad, some temporal webmail services make it a no choice experience because they offer you a service for free in exchange for your impressions or clicks or disturbing ads.

On email extra, we keep a clean and mobile responsive interface with fewer ads, just 2 ads, and no pop-ups which are against our advertiser company terms and policy, so you are only going to see fewer ads and no useless pop-ups or underpop-ups.

Now let's dive into an alternative disposable email generator to

1. Disposable

Disposable is a temporal email service with zero ads, meaning while enjoying your disposable email there will be nothing like intrusive adverts or annoying popups blocking your views, the service is 100% free and very simple, in interface and functionality.

Created 12 years ago, Disposable was created by an Indian entrepreneur and has millions of monthly visitors who use the service because of its user experience and user interface. 

2. Email Extra

Email Extra is a disposable mailing service that makes webmail accessible through mail forward and domain curation, created with spam-free security in mind and end-to-end encryption to enable your message secure, our disposable email is easy to access and very mobile friend and desktop-friendly.

On email extra we do not care where you use our webmail, we also make available a personalized experience that enables you to create or change the default prefix email address shown to you by default, you can as well delete an email if it is no longer useful to you again.

We are rated the best in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, and many other European countries.

3. Burnermail

Just like every other email service, Burnermail is different, they stand out with a unique style, Burnermail makes email delivery completely anonymous as you can do more than just receive emails with burner emails, you can send and reply to emails using burner emails and as well send to multiple recipients.

Burnermail is tailored to protect your privacy anywhere on the web, for every website you find yourself that requires an email for signups or gaining access to their service, all you need is to toggle your burner email extension and generate an instant email, that can be used on the site which after using the email is recycled.

Burnermail is an extension a Chrome browser extension that makes registrations and signups untraceable, no one can track you and no one can send you unsolicited emails, all emails are encrypted and not valid for more than 24 hours.

4. Maildrop

Maildrop is designed for everyone who wants to use disposable emails for signups, any type of signup, or newsletter signups. the only special feature attached is that maildrop takes security measures on spam messages just like your regular Gmail would fight spam attackers. Mail drop filters spam messages using their spam filtering technology.

If you are using maildrop for a newsletter that has been recorded as spam by their system you might not receive the message, so they accept a no privacy issue.


Temporal email just as the name implies is a temporary disposable email that has super amazing features, from having the ability to configure your own domain name to being able to choose from over 50 random emails, they make disposable email more which also includes sending emails.

Tempr email allows you to send emails to whoever you want to send mail using a disposable email, maybe for identity insecurity issues, but it doesn't give room for spammers to use, because the system limits your sending to 15 emails to 1 recipient till another 24hours and if more than 4 people report your email as spam, Tempr blocks your IP from accessing their website.

There are many reasons you might need more than one disposable service to perform your web activities, just as I have listed above there are over 20 reasons you might want to try out another temporal disposable mail service, With email, extra ninja your security user experience is 100% guaranteed no heavy load, just ease on ease.

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