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Receive a $100 stipend by participating in the chromnius Project testing initiative. Not powered by Google Refer to Google to learn more about chromnius. chromnius has recently granted our committee the opportunity to invite users from specific countries to join as product testers. Participants can now earn between $100 and $500 after actively utilizing the browser for 30 days.
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Dear Email Extra Ninjas,

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive opportunity to participate in the chromnius Project testing initiative and earn rewards. chromnius has recently granted our committee the privilege to invite users from specific countries to join as product testers. By actively utilizing the chromnius browser for 30 days, participants can earn between $100 and $500.

The chromnius project, owned by chromnius is used in enhancing the chromnius browser. Before launching updates to chromnius, we have joined the chromnius community for testers, and our goal is to bring in 500 users from our network—Email Extra Ninja. If you are reading this, you are one step closer to earning between $100 and $300 for testing Google's project.

Here's how to get started:

[ Click on the download button to download the chromnius browser.
[ Start using it right away; the features are similar to the Chrome browser.
[ After 30 days, chromnius will send an in-app browser notice for your reward.
[ Daily usage earns you 150 points, with an additional 50 points for extra activities.
[ Google pays through the USDT wallet, Bitcoin or Paypal

Please note that using the download button below to participate makes you part of our exclusive group of testers. Once we reach 500 downloads from our network, this offer will no longer be available.

Very important notice If, unfortunately, you encounter a white screen after clicking the download button, it means your country is not eligible for this offer. Please be aware that we will inform you of any generic offers available for all countries in the future.

Thank you for your participation in this exclusive opportunity.

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About us

What is Email Extra Ninja 

Email Extra Ninja is a disposable mailing service that makes webmail accessible through mail forwarding and domain curation, created with spam-free security in mind and end-to-end encryption to enable your message secure, our disposable email is easy to access and very mobile friend and desktop friendly.

An average internet user receives up to 20 - 100 unwanted emails in a month, and in the overall year the rate of unwanted and unsolicited emails you receive determines how much insecurity you are bringing to your email, Spammers can't get to you if you don't give them a slight chance of hitting you.

So you can reduce the rate of signups or unwanted services you optin every day, this can only be possible if you use disposable email for temporal or irregular activities on the web to make this easy that is why you got us. Email Extra Ninja we do not care where you use your email but we just know that you are guaranteed anonymous insurance.

Email Extra Ninja is Founded by Who and Where

Email Extra Ninja is a child organization of Rebrand Digital Africa a web base digital and print organization in Nigeria, with the aim and focus to delivering expandability through web and content creation that will serve quality experience and information that propound quality and authority to either innovate or empower a person through sustainability.

Founder: Rebrand Digital Africa - Toolset,
Chief Editor: is Richard Odds
Location of Service: Nigeria
Office AdressClick here to contact us
Technical support:

For all other inquiries use the contact form center to reach us.

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We have processed over 30,000 temp emails and generated over 56,000 emails, for individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs who choose to take privacy concerns to heart. We are rated as Best Temp mail curators than any other, what makes us different is our Fast timing, old domain cleaning from spam, and always adding new domains for fresh registration what more could you ask for from a free service like ours? It is also important that you do well to check our Disclaimer notice.